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Reclaimer Chain

Reclaimer Chain

RMEI Reclaimer chain and flight assemblies function like scraper conveyors, less the trough, with flight blades that push material toward a belt feeding conveyor.

RMEI Chain must have large bearing areas, high hardnesses and deep case depths to provide the best performance. RMEI Chain Division engineers have used these principles while retrofitting many reclaiming conveyors with chain and sprockets, achieving service life which is longer than O.E.M. chains. For the superior value and performance, Union Chain is your best choice.

  • Pitch: 200 MM To 315 MM,
  • Min Tensile Strength M.T: 20 Ton To 110 Ton (Chains length are preloaded 1/3 of breaking load)



Technical Details for Reclaimer Chain  Attach In Below PDF